Prayers that God will Always Hear
The Danger of the Self-Care Gospel
Anxiety is not Mine

The Gift of Your Story

by Casey Combs
Guest Contributor 

Each of our lives is a series of stories. Maybe you really embarrassed yourself one time and now it is your go-to story to make your bestie laugh. Maybe you hurt yourself playing as a kid, and now you have a dramatic story to tell when people ask how you got that scar.…

Increase Our Faith

By Brittany Witkowski
Guest Contributor 

I recently had a pivotal moment in my view of God, specifically regarding my faith. I’ve been married to my husband for about three years now. One particular area of our marriage that we have grown in dramatically is the stewardship of our finances.…

A Call to Remember

By Jana White
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

God often called His people to remember. In Deuteronomy 8, we see a particular case of Moses calling the people of God to do that very thing. Although it can be difficult for us to remember previous seasons in our lives, there is value in remembering where we have been and how the Lord has been faithful to us in every season – in good and bad, in discipline and in assurance.…

We Get Richer from Our Aching

By Sarah Morrison
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

I was once given the advice of “steward your disappointments.” I thought that I understood it then, but I more certainly understand it now. I don’t have to talk about my own sufferings or disappointments in order to convey to you the weightiness and distress that comes alongside difficulty.…

A Letter to the Weary

By Suzy VanDyke
Originally published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 1 

Dear friend who feels like you can’t get out of bed in the morning;

Who feels guilty because nothing too terrible has happened to you lately: nobody has died, and you have food each day and a place to live.…

More Than Airbrushed

By Sarah Morrison
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.  

As of 2017, the beauty industry was worth 445 billion dollars. The current highest paid model makes 22 million dollars a year. Beauty Youtubers reportedly make over 100 thousand dollars a month.…

Soul Rest

By Cara Cobble Trantham
Originally published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 3

It seems the Lord keeps bringing me back to the same concepts over and over until I have explored every crack and corner and crevice.  

Sometimes, it feels like a canyon. 

One thing I’ve never been good at is rest.…

The Strength of Biblical Femininity

By Sarah Morrison 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.

A dear friend of mine just gave birth to a lovely little girl. She’s the first girl in the family, and it is enchanting to see how everyone is doting over this tiny bundle. That baby will always be the best dressed in the room. She will always be pointed to the God that made her. Her brothers and father will fiercely protect her from any semblance of harm, and her mother will model godliness to her, exemplifying Christ in her ways.  

I am thrilled at the privilege to watch on as these things take place, and to love this girl earnestly.…