My Help Comes From the Lord: Praying Through Psalm 121
Discipleship That Runs Deep
Forming Holy Habits

A Prayer for Independence Day

by Jennie Heideman

Today is Independence Day in America. For those of you living outside the United States and unfamiliar with this holiday, Independence Day is when Americans commemorate the Continental Congress’s declaration that the thirteen American colonies would be separating from Great Britain.…

A Psalm for Lonely Days

by Kristyn Perez

Are you lonely? After a few years of social distancing, quarantine, and isolation, many of us are feeling disconnected. Politics are polarized, families are divided, and we’re having less conversations with others. While life has returned to “normal” in many ways, we’ve lost many of our daily interactions and even some of our social skills.…

In Pursuit Of Comfort

By Katie Davidson

I remember catching myself mid-checkout on Amazon. I was seven months pregnant with my son, and this Amazon cart was filled with everything we didn’t receive at our baby shower. I stared at the long list of swaddles, bottles, sleep sacs, and books, desperately hoping that these items would comfort my new-mom fears.…

Are You Rested?

By Lindsey Master

It feels as though everyone in the world is tired. We’ve experienced a pandemic, political strife, and protests on top of the pressures that already existed from school, work, and family needs. Stress seems to be the one thing that unites us all.…

A Summer of Stillness

By Alexa Hess

Growing up on the coast, I was used to spending my summers at the ocean. My family and I would sometimes spend hours soaking up the sun and playing in the sea. After being tuckered out from treading the waves, I would lay down in the sand and close my eyes.…

7 Ways To Support A Grieving Friend 

So many of us experience grief. Whether that be losing a loved one, losing a dream, losing an opportunity, and so on. The purpose of today’s video is to give you seven applicable tips you can use to support a friend or loved one who is grieving, all while pointing them back to the comfort they have in our Heavenly Father!