Prayers that God will Always Hear
The Danger of the Self-Care Gospel

Hope in Sorrowful Seasons

By Kyra Riley 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

Death seemed like a rare occurrence until the coronavirus pandemic. I live in New York City, and at the virus’s height last spring, hundreds of lives were claimed every day here. Every morning, my phone was inundated with news notifications…700 lives, 800 lives, 1000 lives.…

The Best Gift Giver

By Kristyn Perez 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

I was sitting with my friend at the local, college coffee shop as she anxiously gripped her steaming coffee mug. She struggled to look me in the eyes. Nervously, she fiddled with her hair and glanced side to side around the room, almost as if to make sure that he wasn’t there. …

How to Use Highlighters Effectively in Our Bibles

By Stefanie Boyles
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

Note: Every Friday, we will be featuring a new “how to” blog post here on The Daily Grace Co. blog. Our heart is to provide helpful content that is very practical. The aim of these “how to” posts are not to be prescriptive. Even the very best methodology is powerless to change our hearts! However, we believe that the Christian life involves active participation.

Making the Most of the Lord’s Time

By Aubrey Coleman  
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.  

When looking to the week to come, do you grab your calendar and prioritize the events of the week, filling in the spaces with extra housework or errands? Or do you prepare for scheduling in prayer, asking God to shape your time in the way He desires it to be spent?…

The Sea and Her Monsters

By Sarah Morrison 
Former Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.  

I probably don’t need to tell you that the book of Revelation contains dense and (at times) peculiar imagery. It’s frankly a book that a lot of us can tend to avoid.…

A Prayer for Election Day

By Aubrey Coleman 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

Father in Heaven, 

You are Maker and Creator of all things. 
You reign over heaven and earth, visible and invisible. 
You reign over all rulers and authorities. 
You reign over kingdoms and nations. 
All things were created by You, through You, and for You. 

Your Word reminds us that nothing exists outside of Your sovereign rule. 
You number and order our days. 
You know all things from beginning to end. 
You are never surprised. 
Your plans and purposes are never thwarted. 
You sustain all things by Your powerful Word.…

Bad Days and the Gospel

By Stefanie Boyles  
Staff Writer for the Daily Grace Co.  

Sometimes, you just have a bad day.   

I had one of those recently. It happened to fall on my oldest daughter’s 6th birthday. She had been looking forward to her birthday for weeks.…