Praising the Pace
5 Things Christians Should Know About Depression
Dealing with Discontentment

Spontaneous Hospitality

by Aubrey Coleman  

Hospitality is a wonderful way we, as Christians, are able to open our lives and homes to share the love and hope of Jesus. Whether a home-cooked meal or simply inviting someone over to pray together and encourage one another, hospitality is a gift.…

Gospel Hope for Sadness

by Kristyn Perez 

We’ve all experienced sad days before. Days when the world feels blue and hope feels far off. Days when heaviness and despair feel so close that they seem to have melded as a part of you. Days when tears feel like your closest friends.  

Are you sad today?  

Maybe you have a reason for your sadness—the loss of a friend, the loneliness that stalks you, or the most recent invasion of bad news.…

When Dreams Fall Apart

by Kyra Riley Daniels

We all have dreams to which we aspire. Echoing our original design as God’s image-bearers, dreams present a picture of us flourishing. However, since we are fallen, we often desire the wrong things for ourselves, and we sometimes worship these over the Lord.…

How to Write Gospel-Centered Affirmations

by Kyra Riley Daniels

A self-help guru writes a book of affirmations that focuses on inner strength to define one’s identity. A New Age spiritualist uses affirmations to manifest her dreams and obtain her desired lifestyle. A flashy televangelist speaks affirmations over his crowd of followers to evoke an earthly happiness rather than the eternal joy found in Christ.…

How to Practice Simplicity

by Jennie Heideman 

Our story begins in a garden. There, we had perfect communion with God, and we lived life so simply that we didn’t even need clothes. Though I don’t fully know what Eden was like, I feel like I can sometimes nearly hear the birds that might have been singing, feel the cool breeze that floated through as God walked with Adam and Eve, and see the beauty and abundance of the plants that bore fruit and nourished the first humans.  

Contrast that with today’s world after the fall.…

A Prayer for When You’re Struggling to Read God’s Word

by Alexa Hess  


I am struggling to open Your Word today. 

I’m tired, Lord, and I don’t feel motivated to read. 

The day ahead is daunting and I feel anxious thinking about my list of to-dos, the people I need to care for, and the work I need to accomplish. 

I don’t know how to keep myself focused on Your Word when my mind keeps wandering to everything I need to do. 

Honestly, my heart feels cold.…

5 Midnight Meditations for Motherhood

by Aubrey Coleman 

Motherhood is a journey, a delight, and a challenge all the same. Some days we may feel like we can do it all, and other days we fall flat on our faces. It’s a great privilege and a great responsibility, but we are remiss if we think we can do motherhood on our own. While pouring so much of ourselves out in service to our homes and families each day, we must not neglect filling ourselves up with God’s Word. It is the help and strength we need every day, and we simply can’t neglect it.…