Who Are You Listening To?
Finding Balance in a Social Media-Saturated World 
A Psalm for Lonely Days

5 Tips For A Gospel-Centered School Year

While the school year brings wonderful elements of a new season, it can also bring a lot of busy schedules and new commitments! In today’s video, we are going to chat about different ways that you can incorporate time for the gospel into the pockets of your day so that you can make this school year one that is gospel-centered and rooted in Jesus!…

Prayer: Where Do I Start?

by: Tiffany Dickerson

Prayer. What emotion does this word evoke? For some, the spiritual discipline of prayer brings peace, comfort, and joy. For others, prayer causes uncertainty and confusion as we do not fully understand how to practice this spiritual discipline.…

Back To School Must Haves

Whether you’re heading off to college, jumping back into high school or maybe you’re a parent, in today’s video we are sharing all of The Daily Grace Co. resources that are perfect to prepare you for a gospel-centered school year! Check it out and shop all of the products mentioned in this video by clicking the link below!…

 A Prayer For the Overwhelmed 

by: Katie Davidson

Gracious Father,

I know you are the source from where true, lasting peace flows. I come to You weary and in desperate need of comfort. My hands are full. I am ragged with overwhelm. My to-do list is much too long, and my capacity feels much too little.…