Alexa Hess

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Alexa Hess is a staff writer for The Daily Grace Company. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, Jake. She holds a M.A. in Ministry to Women from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and has a deep love for encouraging women with God’s Word. She loves to eat brunch, explore new places with her husband, and be cozy with a good book.

Forming Holy Habits

by Alexa Hess

Every weekday morning, I get out of bed, brush my teeth, make a cup of coffee, and get breakfast going. This seems like an ordinary morning routine, but here’s what I left out. When my alarm goes off, I hit the snooze button at least two times before accepting the reality that I need to get up.…

Creation’s Song

by Alexa Hess

One of my favorite songs is called “Heaven Meets Earth” by All Sons & Daughters. It is a beautiful song about creation and our worshipful response to our Creator. What I also love about this song is that it was inspired by a particular chapter in C.S.…

A Faith that Fights

by Alexa Hess

I don’t know about you, but I find that my walk with God can waver at this point of the year. It can be easy to start the new year with a burst of motivation to be faithful to God and consistent in Spiritual disciplines.…

Fighting for Community 

by Alexa Hess

One of the first blog posts I wrote when I joined The Daily Grace Co. was on the topic of vulnerability. I discussed my hesitancy to meet new people and become known since moving to Seattle. It has been about a year since that post, and while friendships have developed over this past year, I still find myself struggling when it comes to community. …

Am I Supposed to Love Myself?

by Alexa Hess

When I was younger, I struggled immensely with low self-esteem. I hated my naturally curly hair and sought to cover up the coils with the heat of a hot iron. I berated myself for being too quiet. I compared myself with other girls and assumed there must be something wrong with me since I didn’t get boys’ attention as they did. …