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Alexa Hess is a staff writer for The Daily Grace Company. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, Jake. She holds a M.A. in Ministry to Women from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and has a deep love for encouraging women with God’s Word. She loves to eat brunch, explore new places with her husband, and be cozy with a good book.

A Prayer for When You’re Struggling to Read God’s Word

by Alexa Hess  


I am struggling to open Your Word today. 

I’m tired, Lord, and I don’t feel motivated to read. 

The day ahead is daunting and I feel anxious thinking about my list of to-dos, the people I need to care for, and the work I need to accomplish. 

I don’t know how to keep myself focused on Your Word when my mind keeps wandering to everything I need to do. 

Honestly, my heart feels cold.…

Forfeiting the Comparison Game

by Alexa Hess 

When I was younger, the word “not enough” defined most of my thoughts about myself. Not pretty enough. Not funny enough. Not smart enough. Not interesting enough. I didn’t realize then that I spent too much of my time determining my worth based on comparison to others.…

How to Fight Anxiety with Prayer

by Alexa Hess

When I first started struggling with anxiety, I didn’t tell people about it. I pushed it down and hoped it would go away. I also didn’t talk with God about my anxiety. It was easy for me to think that God didn’t understand what I was going through, so I didn’t need to tell Him about it.…

Speaking Words of Life

by Alexa Hess

If I was to ask you what your favorite quote is, what would you say? Whether words from a favorite book, beloved speaker, or treasured loved one, we all have heard words that resonated with us deeply. On the flip side, most of us have heard words that we wish we could forget.…

Praising the Pace

by Alexa Hess

Recently, my husband and I were listening to a Tim Keller sermon. During it, Tim said something that hit me hard: “Honor the pace of God in your life.” For those who are reading this, you most likely fall into either one of these two camps.…

Working with Weakness

by Alexa Hess

Weaknesses. We all have them. Our body aches. We make mistakes. We fail. It is easy for us to ridicule ourselves for our weaknesses. We would much rather be strong people who have it all together all the time.…

New Morning Mercies

By Alexa Hess

Waking up is the worst time of day for me. Not just because I’m not a morning person but because of what happens in my mind. Within seconds of my alarm going off, my mind is filled with anxious thoughts about my day.…

How to Keep the Joy of Easter Year-Round

By Alexa Hess
Staff Writer for the Daily Grace Co.

It has been some time since we celebrated Easter Sunday, and for some of us, the joy of such a day has already begun to fade. Easter Sunday is an incredible time of rejoicing, but when we return to a normal week and move further and further from that day, it can be hard to maintain that joy.…