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Alli McDougal was born and raised in Georgia but now lives on a small farm in Alabama with her husband and two pups. She enjoys traveling when she can, painting, and baking all things sweet. With a passion for the written word, she loves writing and grammar. She taught middle school and high school art and English for six years and is now editing manager for The Daily Grace Co., where she finds joy in helping create beautiful, gospel-centered content. You can follow her on Instagram at @alli.mcdougal or

How to Learn from Those Who Are Ahead

by Alli McDougal

My sweet grandmother went home to be with Jesus last summer. As her health declined, she struggled ever-so-gracefully, in a way that reflected the deepest love for her Savior. One of my favorite photographs of her is a somewhat blurry candid, snapped from the opposite room as she sat in her cozy, light blue chair in front of the window beside her bed.…

How to Overcome Insecurities

by Alli Turner (staff editor) 

Insecurity. It’s a topic that seems to plague nearly every facet of society. It’s evidenced in the many books published to help us find our confidence, figure out who we are, become that self-assured leader or spouse or parent or friend.…

How to Cultivate a Heart of Gratitude

By Alli Turner
Staff Writer for the Daily Grace Co.

Oh how easily we lose sight of the many ways God has blessed us and how He continues to do so as we go through our days. So often, His many blessings are hidden in the tiniest details we miss as we forget to look to Christ, focusing instead on those things that we wish, desperately or not, would change, go away, or work out differently.…

How To Be Faithful in Prayer

By Alli Turner
Staff Editor for the Daily Grace Co.

I don’t know about you, but for me, prayer can sometimes feel overwhelming—not necessarily because of what I am praying for but because of how many areas I know need prayer—areas in my own life, in the lives of others, and in the world around us.…

Giving and the Giver

By Alli Turner 
Editor for The Daily Grace Co. 

As a little girl, I only knew I was giving back to the Lord part of what was already His, usually as the basket was passed down the aisle each Sunday and I dropped in my two or three quarters, not thinking twice about it.…