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Creating A Bible Highlighting System

Have you been wanting to create your own Bible highlighting system? If so, this is the video for you! Join us as we go over ways to choose key themes and topics to focus on in scripture, break down how to use our free highlighting key, and give deeper examples of how to meditate on the Word.…

When Christmas Spirit Isn’t Enough

by Guest Blogger: Hannah Oxley

I used to dream of living in a Hallmark movie — the twinkling lights, the pillow-soft snowdrifts, the endless trails of evergreens that quite literally sparkle beneath the stars. When I watched the movies, it felt like time slowed down for everyone in a way that made the “perfect” Christmas possible. …

Believe, and Keep Saying Yes

By Esther Blair 
Guest Contributor 

Have you ever found yourself in a season you never expected, and you feel desperate? Desperate to the point that you are pleading for an answer, for help, for God to show up? Maybe it’s an unforeseen event, or it’s something that’s been building—a sudden disaster, a bad report from a doctor, financial burdens, an unresolved conflict causing strife with someone you love, or worry and fear keeping you from enjoying your present season.…

Waiting Well

By Glenna Marshall 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

Most of us are not very good at waiting. Whether we’re anticipating the arrival of a package from Amazon or longing for the Lord to answer a much-prayed prayer, patience isn’t our natural inclination.…