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Jana White lives outside of Charlotte, NC. She is the wife of Michael who serves as a lead pastor at Freedom Church in Lincolnton, NC. She is a mom of two, one girl and one boy. She is passionate about increasing biblical literacy in and among the women with whom she interacts. She believes that knowing and loving God’s Word results in worship and an outpouring of what the gospel has done in the heart. She finds it a joy to serve and teach the women in her church and eagerly awaits each week to open up the Word and teach at her church. She enjoys a good workout, Diet Dr. Pepper, and lots of blankets. She is the editor and a staff writer for the Daily Grace Company. You can follow her on Instagram @janaljonas

Holiness: imitating the cries of our children


By Jana White
Staff writer for The Daily Grace Co.

Yesterday was the perfect storm of mommy needing to work and two very needy, Super Bowl hungover kids (and by hungover, I mean they stayed up way too late!). It created a day of endless “Mommy”, “Mommy”, and “I need you.” I don’t have to try to express what that does to a mommy’s inside when the whiny calls never stop because we’ve all been there.…

My Best is not Enough


Avoiding a meltdown at any given moment in any given place.

Waiting for an hour while toddler causally eats breakfast. lunch. and dinner. (I thought I ate slow!)

A tantrum in the middle of a store or restaurant.

A curt remark to my toddler after she asks for a snack for the hundred millionth time within 20 minutes.…