Kristyn Perez

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Kristyn lives in South Florida with her husband and three young children. She works for the Daily Grace Co as a staff writer, and has a passion for equipping women to read and love the Word of God. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University, and a Masters in biblical counseling from Southeastern Seminary. You can follow her on Instagram at @kristyn3640.

A Psalm for Lonely Days

by Kristyn Perez

Are you lonely? After a few years of social distancing, quarantine, and isolation, many of us are feeling disconnected. Politics are polarized, families are divided, and we’re having less conversations with others. While life has returned to “normal” in many ways, we’ve lost many of our daily interactions and even some of our social skills.…

Motherhood is Discipleship

by Kristyn Perez

I recently went on a walk with two seven-year-old “mommies.” 

I should probably clarify. I have twin seven-year-old girls, and the other day we went for a walk, but this was no ordinary walk. My girls were dressed to the nines, with glittering purses and fashionable clothes.…

How to Fight the 3 AM Fears

by Kristyn Perez

It’s 3 AM. You can’t sleep again. You glance at the clock, hoping you’ve somehow drowsed off, but nope. It’s only been three minutes. You’re tempted to browse your phone, but know how quickly the minutes turn into hours of wasted scrolling.…