Kyra Daniels

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Kyra Daniels is a staff writer for the Daily Grace Company. Through her writing, she intersects the art of story and theology to point women to the beauty and depth of the gospel. Kyra enjoys exercising, cooking, and engaging in apologetics.

A Home with God

by Kyra Daniels

Piles of rubble. Broken telephone poles. Scattered clothing. The pictures of Mayfield, KY after its tornado disaster in December of 2021 were devastating. Buildings that were beautifully designed and sturdy stood with missing roofs and shattered windows. Rows of houses laid flat.…

How to Defend Christ’s Resurrection 

by Kyra Daniels

Easter recognizes the core belief of Christianity: Jesus’s victory over sin and death. But there are many people who doubt the reality of this event. While on the Lord’s Day, you may see “He is Risen” posts on social media, you may also see posts that call into question Jesus’s resurrection.…

Drifting Away from God 

by Kyra Daniels

Imagine sitting on a raft in the middle of the sea. The waves rise and fall, brushing up against the raft’s splintered wood. Each move of the current carries you further and further from the shoreline. As time passes, you drift so far that land has become like a speck of dust in the distance.…

When Time Doesn’t Heal

by Kyra Daniels

At lunch in my college’s dining hall, I discussed the necessity of faith with a friend. I argued that life was difficult and that belief in the gospel was the most reasonable way to truly navigate hardship. My friend responded to that statement with the old adage, “time heals all wounds.”…

Worrying and God’s Providence

by Kyra Daniels

A chipmunk visits my backyard most mornings. When I am working at my desk, I usually catch it in the corner of my eye. I turn my head toward the window and peek through the screen. I see the chipmunk’s striped fur and short tail bounce from rock to rock.…