Kyra Riley

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Kyra Riley is a storyteller who loves capturing eternal truths through narrative. A trained actress, she has worked on multiple stages in NYC, glorifying God with her gift of theatrical performance. Also having a passion for ministry, she currently serves as the Operations Director for Renaissance Church in Harlem. She enjoys exercising, cooking, and engaging in apologetics. Kyra is a staff writer for the Daily Grace Company and, through her writing, intersects the art of story and theology to point women to the beauty and depth of the gospel.

Seeking Justice through the Gospel

By Kyra Riley 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

*Warning: explicit language 

The conclusion of a middle school day brings a sweet taste of freedom and an urgency to play in blithe adolescence before night comes. In a crowd of 6th graders, I exit the hallway doors into the bright midafternoon sun.