Miranda Mae Ewing

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Miranda Mae Ewing lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her husband, Sam, and son, Jack. Miranda and her husband actively serve together at Headwaters Church and enjoy cultivating community with their church family. She is a staff writer at The Daily Grace Co. and loves to to teach and write about the Word of God. She is passionate about women knowing and loving their Bibles so they can teach their families and the next generation of women about the glorious truth God has revealed to us in Scripture. You can follow more of her writing on Instagram @mae_ewing

What Are You Becoming?

by Miranda Mae Ewing

A few weeks ago, I packed my bags and traveled to Indianapolis to attend The Gospel Coalition’s 2021 Women’s Conference. If you have never attended one of these conferences, I highly recommend it! It was amazing to be with so many women who love the Lord and to hear from well-known speakers and Bible teachers.…

Dealing with Discontentment

By Miranda Mae Ewing

My sister and I used to brace ourselves every time we would see family who lived far away from us. Without a doubt, the question we were most often asked was, “So have you met anybody yet?” And the answer was usually the same, “No, not yet.” The person who asked would just smile and nod sympathetically: “I bet it will be soon.”

By no means was this question asked with wrong intentions.…

Worship All Week

By Miranda Mae Ewing
Staff Writer for the Daily Grace Co.

Most Sundays, there is an early-morning wake-up call for my husband to make his way to church. He tries to slip quietly out of bed, get dressed quickly, and help pack my son’s diaper bag, because I will inevitably wake up later than I should.…