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Shelby Turner lives outside Kansas City, Missouri with her husband, Kent, and their four children. She is passionate about writing words that help women know God and understand The Bible. When she's not pouring her heart into studying and teaching God’s Word, you’ll probably find her posting Instagram stories of her kids or watching way too many episodes of The Office with her husband. You can connect with her on Instagram at @shelbyraeturner.

What is Lent, and Should I Observe it?

by Shelby Turner

As you go about your day today, you may see people with small black crosses on their foreheads. The crosses are drawn in ash and signal the beginning of the Lent season, which begins today, Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is traditionally observed by Catholics but is also observed by some other denominations as well.…

What to Do When Fear Overwhelms You

by Shelby Turner

I know exactly when I started struggling with fear. In my elementary years, I don’t remember being scared of anything. Quite the opposite really, I always believed I could conquer any challenge that came my way. In middle school and high school, I became more aware of the complexities of life when my family moved states a few times.…

A Prayer for Solace in the Midst of Holiday Hustle

by Shelby Turner

Heavenly Father,


Holiday hustle.

Busy, so busy. Parties, shopping, dinners, wrapping

Loud, so loud. In my loneliness, longing, heartbreak

Craving peace, craving quiet, craving You

Help me make space

Slow down

Search out still moments

Help me pause


Quiet the chaos and just be

Instead of bustling about, centering on You

Instead of hustling, hushed and listening

Instead of amassing more, leaning into the real meaning

Remind me what this is all about

Show me where joy abides

Lead me to peace

Give me Your heart for this season

May I be found 

Choosing to focus on those forgotten

Looking for the one alone

Not rushing past the downcast

Instead, showing lavish generosity

May I speak 

Joy to the world

Peace unto men

Promises are kept

Faithfulness is fulfilled

May I believe

You are the Savior

The hope of all mankind

The only hope

For this broken, desperate world

May I remember
Longing for salvation has ceased

God with us, Immanuel, Jesus

He came

Came to love

And forgive

And restore

And bring back

And redeem

And set free

Came to open 

Eyes and ears

Hearts and souls

To truth

Came to show the way

Lead the way

Make a way

To the Father

Jesus came

Jesus is here

Here in my rush.…