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Stefanie Boyles is the wife of an Active Duty Army Chaplain, and she is the mother to three young children. She has a passion for women’s ministry and has a newfound love for creating theologically rich content for children with the heart of encouraging families in their pursuit of God. She also enjoys reading good books, dabbling in watercolors, and home educating her children. She is a Staff Writer for the Daily Grace Company and the co-host of the Daily Grace podcast. You can follow her on Instagram at @stefanieboyles.

How to Use Highlighters Effectively in Our Bibles

By Stefanie Boyles
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

Note: Every Friday, we will be featuring a new “how to” blog post here on The Daily Grace Co. blog. Our heart is to provide helpful content that is very practical. The aim of these “how to” posts are not to be prescriptive. Even the very best methodology is powerless to change our hearts! However, we believe that the Christian life involves active participation.

Bad Days and the Gospel

By Stefanie Boyles  
Staff Writer for the Daily Grace Co.  

Sometimes, you just have a bad day.   

I had one of those recently. It happened to fall on my oldest daughter’s 6th birthday. She had been looking forward to her birthday for weeks.…

Preaching the Gospel to Yourself

By Stefanie Boyles  
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.  

I used to think the gospel was just for unbelievers. It was the good news for salvation and not much more. But as I grew in my understanding of Scripture, I realized that, while the gospel certainly does matter for one’s moment of salvation, it also extends to every single aspect of life moving forward. …

Giving Thanks Through Head Lice

By Pam Sigmon
Guest Contributor 

I can honestly say that I am a mother who has bowed her head to thank God for head lice. Of course, that was not my first inclination. In fact, it was more like I lifted my head up to complain to God about head lice. But God, in His goodness and sovereignty in all situations, gently reminded me of His Word, which instructs us to “in all things give thanks.” So there in my bathroom, I bowed my head, and I thanked a sovereign God for head lice. 

My daughter was in first grade and had recently asked me to teach her how to wash her hair all by herself. So, we began the lesson of hair washing.…

Living in Light of the Resurrection, Part One

By Stefanie Boyles 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

Easter was a couple of weeks ago. Many of us intentionally leaned into the beauty and truth of the resurrection on Resurrection Sunday. We worshipped at the glorious truth that HE IS RISEN! But I’m wondering: how many of us are living in light of the resurrection today? Because the truth remains: He is risen indeed! The blessing we have on this side of the cross is that we get to live in light of this truth! 

But what does it even mean to “live in light of the resurrection”? It’s a phrase that can easily roll off our tongues.…