A Prayer for the Anxious

by Alexa Hess


I am anxious. 

My head is rushing with thoughts that I cannot silence.

My heart is beating like a drum that will not cease.

There is a weight pressing upon me that I cannot lift. 

Help me. 

“What ifs” plague my mind.…

How to Fight Anxiety with Prayer

by Alexa Hess

When I first started struggling with anxiety, I didn’t tell people about it. I pushed it down and hoped it would go away. I also didn’t talk with God about my anxiety. It was easy for me to think that God didn’t understand what I was going through, so I didn’t need to tell Him about it.…

Praising the Pace

by Alexa Hess

Recently, my husband and I were listening to a Tim Keller sermon. During it, Tim said something that hit me hard: “Honor the pace of God in your life.” For those who are reading this, you most likely fall into either one of these two camps.…

Working with Weakness

by Alexa Hess

Weaknesses. We all have them. Our body aches. We make mistakes. We fail. It is easy for us to ridicule ourselves for our weaknesses. We would much rather be strong people who have it all together all the time.…

How to Fight for Faith in the Darkness

By Kristyn Perez

The past year has been one of darkness for many. Whether due to illness, fear, political divisions, or injustices, it has been a heavy season. The CDC reports that anxiety and depression rates in America are up to 42%, compared with 11% the previous year.…

New Morning Mercies

By Alexa Hess

Waking up is the worst time of day for me. Not just because I’m not a morning person but because of what happens in my mind. Within seconds of my alarm going off, my mind is filled with anxious thoughts about my day.…

Grace for Today

By Kristyn Perez
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.

“There is no grace for your imagination.” Elisabeth Elliot

I remember hearing this quote years ago as I was wrestling with concerns about the future. “What-ifs” filled my brain, and I was having trouble staying in the present reality.…

Abiding in Christ with an Anxious Heart

By Alexa Hess
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.

I have struggled with anxiety longer than I really know. It’s like anxiety unpacked its bags one day and decided it was going to reside in my heart and mind. Sometimes I can pinpoint what fear is causing my anxiety to grow, but other times it comes like a wave over me, and I’m left choking under its waters. 

Being a Christian who struggles with anxiety has fed many lies in my mind.…