Grace for Today

By Kristyn Perez
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.

“There is no grace for your imagination.” Elisabeth Elliot

I remember hearing this quote years ago as I was wrestling with concerns about the future. “What-ifs” filled my brain, and I was having trouble staying in the present reality.…

Abiding in Christ with an Anxious Heart

By Alexa Hess
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.

I have struggled with anxiety longer than I really know. It’s like anxiety unpacked its bags one day and decided it was going to reside in my heart and mind. Sometimes I can pinpoint what fear is causing my anxiety to grow, but other times it comes like a wave over me, and I’m left choking under its waters. 

Being a Christian who struggles with anxiety has fed many lies in my mind.…

How to Fight Anxiety with Scripture

By Glenna Marshall 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

I have struggled with anxiety since childhood. I was always nervous about getting lost in crowds, fearful of storms, and convinced I would be kidnapped. As I grew older, my fears morphed into other things: Will I fail this exam?…

Love in the Time of Corona

By Laura K. Weld 
Guest Contributor 

It isn’t explanations we need. It’s a person. We need Jesus Christ, our refuge, our fortress, the stronghold of my life. It takes desolation to teach us our need of Him. 

Elisabeth Elliot, Suffering is Never for Nothing 

I read Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s classic, Love in the Time of Cholera, probably twenty years ago now.…

When I Heard God’s Calling

By Emily Brisch  
Originally Published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 6 

It was February. My daughter was six months old, sleeping in her crib while I had locked myself in the bathroom. I was sitting on the cold tile floor, my body shaking inconsolably while tears flowed from my exhausted eyes, and a pit grew bigger and bigger in my stomach.…

The Truth in Our Anxious Thoughts

By Joy Lopes 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

At its very roots, anxiety highlights our dependency on God. It is the experience of staring your own finitude in the face as a created human being. Most of the time, when we recognize our finiteness at any given moment of the day, we may not think in our minds, “Oh shoot, I forgot that I’m finite.” Maybe it sounds more like, “How am I going to get this all done?”, “I can’t do this,” “What if…?” In actuality, remembering that we are finite is almost always the reality at work in our hearts when we feel anxious.…


By Ashley Ladd 
Guest Contributor 

While taking my daughter to her endocrinologist appointment this morning, I cringed as the receptionist pointed to the elevator and said, “It’s on the 5th floor.” I hate elevators. Being on them makes me feel unstable and vulnerable.…

Loving the Lonely: Ministry in the Midst of COVID-19

By Rylee Free 
Guest Contributor 

The severity of the Coronavirus crisis continues to increase, and more and more people have found themselves confined to their homes. For the Church, it may be tempting to simply shirk our responsibility to love our neighbor and our local church in the name of social distancing. While it is imperative that we respect the elderly, young children, and the immunosuppressed by social distancing, this does not give us a hall-pass on doing ministry during this time.  The question is then, how?…