Bible Study Tools

Bible Study Tools: Romans Volume 1


By Sarah Morrison
Staff writer for The Daily Grace Co.

“This Epistle is the chief part of the New Testament and the very purest gospel, which indeed deserves that a Christians should not only know it word for word by heart, but deal with it daily as with the daily bread of the soul, for it can never be read or considered too much or too well, and the more it is handled the more delightful it becomes and the better it tastes.”- Martin Luther

The Gospel.…

Waiting for Advent and Season of Hope


The holiday season is upon us! There’s crispness in the fall air (well, maybe there isn’t, but we can imagine). Holiday plans are quickly creeping up. And now, The Daily Grace Co. is releasing two different studies for Advent! As Christmastime approaches, we are eager to equip you with these new resources; each study’s goal is to help turn your heart toward the Christ, both looking back at His birth and forward toward the day that we will meet Him face to face.…