Bible Study

A Prayer for When You’re Struggling to Read God’s Word

by Alexa Hess  


I am struggling to open Your Word today. 

I’m tired, Lord, and I don’t feel motivated to read. 

The day ahead is daunting and I feel anxious thinking about my list of to-dos, the people I need to care for, and the work I need to accomplish. 

I don’t know how to keep myself focused on Your Word when my mind keeps wandering to everything I need to do. 

Honestly, my heart feels cold.…

How to Memorize a Larger Passage of Scripture

by Kristyn Perez

Have you heard about people who memorize entire books of the Bible? It’s incredible. I’ve even heard about Bible memory competitions where 8-year-olds spout off entire chapters of the Bible at a time. Wow. Yet while I’m amazed at such awesome feats, hearing about them sometimes leaves me feeling inadequate.…

Breakfast with Jesus

by Jennie Heideman

Are you a morning person or a night owl? For years and years, I was a hard-core night owl. I could easily stay up until 2:00 or 3:00 am. Then, I started having kids. And, somehow, my babies did not inherit my night-owl tendencies.…

Practicing What You Preach

By Stefanie Boyles
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.

I recently heard a few young women ask an older woman what she thought about a particular female Bible teacher. The older woman wisely admitted that she couldn’t give an honest assessment because she had only heard a snippet of that particular woman’s teaching.…