Bible Study

Being Interrupted by God

By Kristyn Perez 
Lamp and Light Leader for The Daily Grace Co. 

Sickness has found its way into my household. My young kids who struggle to share their toys seem glad to share their germs—cycling colds, eye infections and tummy aches throughout our family for weeks on end.…

Who Will Be With You In The Fire?

By Sarah Morrison 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.  

We’ve all been through fires. Burnt, scorned, and seared. And as long as our feet are planted on this earth, we will go through more. There is no shortage of suffering for this world to dole out to its inhabitants— relationships, jobs, and bodies have all been ravaged by a broken and dissonant world.

Should Christians Practice Meditation?


By Joanna Kimbrel 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.  

Meditation has risen significantly in popularity in recent years. It doesn’t take much time wandering through a bookstore or scrolling through social media to see the countless exhortations to practice meditation an essential part of self-care for emotional and mental health.

Am I my Sister's Keeper?


By Jana White  
Staff writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

Last semester, our women walked through the first twelve chapters of Genesis. This has long been some of my most favorite Scriptures—after all, it sets the stage for the entire Bible and helps us better understand those proceeding events in the Bible.