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How To Have Gospel-Centered Summer Fun

Modeling the Gospel to our children is so important, and during this Summer season you may have some extra time to invest in doing just that! In today’s video we have six ideas you can try out with your family to make intentional Gospel-focused and FUN moments throughout these few remaining weeks of Summer!…

A Summer of Stillness

By Alexa Hess

Growing up on the coast, I was used to spending my summers at the ocean. My family and I would sometimes spend hours soaking up the sun and playing in the sea. After being tuckered out from treading the waves, I would lay down in the sand and close my eyes.…

7 Ways To Support A Grieving Friend 

So many of us experience grief. Whether that be losing a loved one, losing a dream, losing an opportunity, and so on. The purpose of today’s video is to give you seven applicable tips you can use to support a friend or loved one who is grieving, all while pointing them back to the comfort they have in our Heavenly Father!

5 Tips For Sabbath Rest

Are you feeling burnt out and busy? Do you find it hard to implement true rest into your week? If you answered yes to either of those, this video is for you! In today’s video we are discussing Sabbath rest. We will look at scripture to define what this is, discuss where our true rest is found as believers, and offer five tips you can implement into your life to pursue Sabbath rest.