The Languages of the Church

by Kyra Daniels

Brightly colored saris filled the banquet hall. Ornate jewelry bounced light off the ceiling. Chandeliers hung like celestial bodies in a night’s sky. And flower centerpieces made each table a lush garden. My first attendance at a Pakistani wedding was one of amazement; the lavishness brought me to awe, and the attention to detail impressed me.…

7 Ways To Support A Grieving Friend 

So many of us experience grief. Whether that be losing a loved one, losing a dream, losing an opportunity, and so on. The purpose of today’s video is to give you seven applicable tips you can use to support a friend or loved one who is grieving, all while pointing them back to the comfort they have in our Heavenly Father!

Discipleship That Runs Deep

by Krystal Dickson

We all desire to grow spiritually and deepen our relationship with the Lord. The word that is often attached to spiritual growth is discipleship. Many books, programs, and small groups in churches today have “discipleship” somewhere in its title.…

Fighting for Community 

by Alexa Hess

One of the first blog posts I wrote when I joined The Daily Grace Co. was on the topic of vulnerability. I discussed my hesitancy to meet new people and become known since moving to Seattle. It has been about a year since that post, and while friendships have developed over this past year, I still find myself struggling when it comes to community. …