How Vulnerability Enhances Our Gospel Witness

by Helen Hummel

I feel the pressure. Perhaps you feel it, too. It manifests in the amount of time I spend carefully curating my Instagram profile, in the clothes I buy, and in the daily decisions I make. It manifests in the way I interact with certain friends and the details I might choose to share (or exclude) from any given conversation.…

Anchored: Hope for Those Experiencing Family Conflict

by Shelby Turner

Disclaimer: Please note that this blog is specifically talking about non-threatening conflict. If you or someone you know is experiencing conflict that results in physical or emotional harm you should seek help immediately. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available 24/7 by phone at 1(800)799-SAFE or by texting START to 88788. 

Unashamedly Authentic: Expressing our Shortcomings

by Alexa Hess

Recently, I was listening to a podcast with one of my favorite writers as the guest. During the podcast, this writer shared his experience dealing with social anxiety. A wave of relief washed over me in hearing that this writer I appreciate and admire so much deals with the same anxiety I often experience.…

Church is Hard and Holy

by Shelby Turner

It’s 7:30 AM on a Sunday. My alarm blares, and I open my eyes begrudgingly. It was another rough night of handling overnight baby wake-ups and dodging the acrobatic kicks of a toddler that often finds his way into my bed at 3 AM.…

How to Care for Singles in Your Church

by Alexa Hess

A 2017 Barna survey states that over 54% of Americans are single but only 23% of singles are active church members. While this number most likely has grown over the years, the low percentage of singles in church versus the number of singles in America should alarm us.…