On the Importance of Reading


When I was in grade school, I hated typing. I hated it because I was bad at it. I was so bad at it, in fact, that my mom talked my teacher into letting take home one of the God-forsaken machines that we were learning on, a small keyboard with an even smaller screen that would constantly spit out ridiculous words and phrases at you.…

Treasure Hunting


There’s no shortage of verses that our surrounding, secular culture likes to latch onto and adopt. Walk through a craft store of any type and you’re liable to find plenty verses on plaques to hang in your home. These things are good reminders, things that help us to keep our eyes on what is good, holy, and true.…

True Simplicity


Simplicity: It’s a word often used in today’s world. Minimalism is trending and “the simple life” is dangerously close to idolization for most. Pinterest and Instagram are full of examples and tutorials on how to simplify. Real Simple Magazine reaches approximately 8.6 million readers a month (realsimple.com).…