Precepts of Wonder

By Sarah Morrison  
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

In grade school, I was a part of a school program in which I had the opportunity to have extended study. Each week, I (along with about ten others) would get pulled from class, and we’d focus on a singular topic for a whole semester.…

Encouragement on the Hardest Days

By Micah Maddox 
Originally published in Be Still Magazine, issue 10. 

You know that feeling when your heart literally hurts inside your chest? 

Life happens, and sometimes, it hurts. So you take deep breaths to try to release it, but no form of meditation or deep breathing exercise seems to release the grip that anxiety holds behind the breastbone.

Who Will Be With You In The Fire?

By Sarah Morrison 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.  

We’ve all been through fires. Burnt, scorned, and seared. And as long as our feet are planted on this earth, we will go through more. There is no shortage of suffering for this world to dole out to its inhabitants— relationships, jobs, and bodies have all been ravaged by a broken and dissonant world.

Space Between the Wrinkles

By Jana White 
Staff writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

Lately I’ve noticed the lines in my forehead and the few gray hairs streaming from the left side of my head. I jokingly tell my friends that we can thank those people who like to sell products to fix those problems on social media for bringing those imperfections to our attention.

Finding Hope in the Valley

By Lauren Bowerman 
Originally published in Be Still Magazine, issue 9. 

 “The next best thing to living in the light of the Lords love is to be unhappy til we have it, and to pant hourly after itwhen it is as natural for us to long for God as for an animal to thirst, it is well with our souls, however painful our feelings– Charles Haddon Spurgeon 

On days when my soul is weary, I am continually drawn to Psalm 42.