Replacing Comparison with Celebration

by Aubrey Coleman

Our insecurities arise when we begin to question why our lives don’t look like others,  “How am I supposed to serve as much as she does?”; “Why is she able to speak at Women’s Bible Studies?”; “Why does everyone keep complimenting her on how hospitable she is?” When we compare ourselves, our circumstances, and our giftings of others, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to enjoy what God has given us.…

How to Determine God’s Will

by Jennie Heideman

People say that children don’t have anything to worry about. But I remember worrying a lot as a child. I worried about what would happen if our house caught on fire and which toys I would save; I worried about Friday spelling tests, and the lies I told my parents.…

The Legacy of Discipleship: Lessons from an 89-year-old Swiss woman

by Kristyn Perez

When I was in college, I lived with an 89-year-old Swiss woman named Isabel. Sweet Isabel slouched over as she walked and boasted thousands of wrinkles that softened her resilient smile. Over wine and cheese, she welcomed me into her home for my semester studying abroad, teaching me French and bonding with me over her limited English. 

Though frail in body, Isabel was not weak in spirit.…

A Prayer for the Anxious

by Alexa Hess


I am anxious. 

My head is rushing with thoughts that I cannot silence.

My heart is beating like a drum that will not cease.

There is a weight pressing upon me that I cannot lift. 

Help me. 

“What ifs” plague my mind.…

Reflections on Gentle and Lowly: Exploring the Abundance of God’s Mercy

by Jennie Heideman 

Do you find it easy to forgive? Or do you struggle to forgive others when they hurt you or a loved one?  

I wish forgiveness came easy to me. But, I really struggle to forgive. 

When someone wrongs me, I make it very clear that they have hurt me and then come up with a mental checklist of things they need to do to be forgiven.  

However, this is not how God is. God’s forgiveness is abundant. And more than that, Jesus is actually drawn to people who sin against Him.…