Faithful in the Unseen

By Aubrey Coleman 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.  

With advanced technology and evolving social media, our devices are daily flooded with curated images intended to give a window into the life of another. We often feel that we are well acquainted with others sheerly by what we see presented on their feeds.…

But Is He Kind?

By Joanna Kimbrel 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

“The Lord is righteous in all His ways.” These words from Psalm 145:17 have often been a comfort to me. A reassuring reminder in the midst of brokenness. I look around and see circumstances that are out of my control, injustice that appears unrighted, and events whose purposes I cannot understand.…

Choosing Joy in our Place 

By Sarah Morrison  
Guest Contributor 

We are fickle creatures, aren’t we? We’re tossed about by our emotions; it isn’t difficult for the Devil or our flesh to woo us towards discontentment. Our house may not be ideal, or we find our limitations frustrating.…

Laying Down Our Dreams

By Aubrey Coleman
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

The American Dream is the ideal by which equal opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved. In essence, the American dream is that you can be anything and anyone you want to be as long as you take risks, work hard and make great achievements.…

What Motivates You?

By Danielle Dammeyer
Guest Contributor  

In my personal quiet time, I have been reading through Philippians and have not felt so convicted of sin in quite a long time. Usually when people speak of Philippians, some common themes are joy, peace/anxiety, or the value of knowing Christ, just to name a few.…

Living in Light of the Resurrection, Part One

By Stefanie Boyles 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

Easter was a couple of weeks ago. Many of us intentionally leaned into the beauty and truth of the resurrection on Resurrection Sunday. We worshipped at the glorious truth that HE IS RISEN! But I’m wondering: how many of us are living in light of the resurrection today? Because the truth remains: He is risen indeed! The blessing we have on this side of the cross is that we get to live in light of this truth! 

But what does it even mean to “live in light of the resurrection”? It’s a phrase that can easily roll off our tongues.…

Faith in the Wilderness

By Liz Austin 
Originally Published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 6 

Have you ever found yourself smack dab in the middle of a spiritual wilderness? A season when faith and everything else just seems really hard, to the point where you feel disillusioned, lost, and even scared? You wonder where God is and why He isn’t speaking to you.…

Rejoice, Pray, Give Thanks

By Liana Berrus 
Originally Published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 15 

This year has brought a steady stream of trials. My younger brother died very unexpectedly in January, caught in a rip tide while on vacation. Three days after his funeral, I was in the operating room having surgery.…

Loving the Lonely: Ministry in the Midst of COVID-19

By Rylee Free 
Guest Contributor 

The severity of the Coronavirus crisis continues to increase, and more and more people have found themselves confined to their homes. For the Church, it may be tempting to simply shirk our responsibility to love our neighbor and our local church in the name of social distancing. While it is imperative that we respect the elderly, young children, and the immunosuppressed by social distancing, this does not give us a hall-pass on doing ministry during this time.  The question is then, how?…