Forfeiting the Comparison Game

by Alexa Hess 

When I was younger, the word “not enough” defined most of my thoughts about myself. Not pretty enough. Not funny enough. Not smart enough. Not interesting enough. I didn’t realize then that I spent too much of my time determining my worth based on comparison to others.…

A Prayer for Your Marriage

by Aubrey Coleman 

Heavenly Father, 

What a joy we find in marriage! 

What a beautiful union You create within this earthly covenant. 

You are the gifter and sustainer of marriages, so may we continually come to You for hope and help.  

Remind us that the foundation of our marriage is You. 

Our greatest need and help in our marriage is You. 

Even when things have been difficult or disappointing, Lord, You remind us that You have used those moments to shape and sanctify us. 

Help us love and pursue one another in the way that You have loved and pursued us. 

Help us honor and cherish one another for every day You allow us to spend together. 

I praise You for my spouse and all of the ways You have uniquely made him. 

I praise You for choosing us to enjoy each other and seek Your glory in this life together. 

I thank You for the gift of friendship and companionship we find in one another. 

You have given us immeasurable joy and delight in one another. 

I pray You continue to sustain that joy for the rest of our days, even when we face difficult seasons. 

I pray specifically for my spouse that he would desire to know You more. 

Lord, give him a hunger for Your Word, 

Give him a thirst for Your righteousness. 

Help him seek You for discernment in every decision. 

Surround him with wise counsel. 

Give him wisdom to lead our family. 

Lord, help him hone His giftings to the glory of Your name. 

Help him see the unique and wonderful ways You have created him. 

Tune his heart to seek after You in everything he does. 

I pray specifically for myself as a spouse.  

Lord, help me continue learning more and more about my spouse each day. 

Help me be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. 

Use every opportunity to sanctify me into Your likeness. 

Help me sharpen my spouse in truth. 

Help me also be sharpened by him in truth. 

Create in me a generous and humble heart that seeks his interest above my own. 

Grant me a willingness to apologize and seek forgiveness. 

Help me encourage my spouse, always looking for ways to spur him on and build him up in the faith.  

Lord, give me a hunger and thirst for Your Word. 

Give me a thirst for Your righteousness. 

Help me seek You for discernment in every decision. 

Surround me with wise counsel to guide me through hard seasons. 

Help me to use my strengths to support our marriage. 

Tune my heart to seek You in everything I do. 

When we face moments of frustration, keep us from responding in any sinful thought, word, or action. 

Help us assess our own faults in every scenario. 

Give us clear eyes to see Your truth in the midst of our heightened emotions. 

Help us recall Your Word to mind so that our frustration doesn’t lead us to respond in an ungodly way. 

Give us patience and grace as we work through conflict. 

Grant us compassion and care in the words that we speak to one another. 

Help us honestly evaluate our hearts so that we might not sin against You or one another. 

Lord, unite us in our pursuits to solve problems and work through hardship. 

Help us come together, encouraging one another and building one another, instead of distancing ourselves and tearing one another apart. 

Allow this moment to help us depend more on You, Lord. 

Allow this moment to teach us and sanctify us into the likeness of You, Lord. 

We know we will have moments of frustration but, we are thankful for moments of joy! 

We know that every moment of joy comes from You. 

And we praise You for the moments of joy You bring us in marriage. 

We praise You for all of the ways You cultivate delight, laughter, and celebration in our relationship.  

We know that marriage can be hard at times, so help us not to take for granted any joyous occasion You give us! 

Help us celebrate and dance and sing and laugh!  

Bring us greater delight in You and greater delight in one another. 

You tell us in Your Word that the joy of the Lord is our strength. 

Use these moments to renew our strength in You. 

Lord, we pray in our marriage that You would outweigh the moments of frustration with moments of joy. 

And that You would continually remind us of the many gifts You have given us. 

Most importantly, we pray You would always remind us of the gift and the joy we have found in Jesus. 

Lord, use our marriage to honor You and continue to grow and sanctify us into the likeness of Christ. 

May our marriage serve as a reflection of the gospel to all who witness our lives. 

May we ultimately seek to exalt You over everything else.  

And we pray You would hold our marriage fast for the rest of our days and give us many fruitful years. 

We love You, 

Amen …

How to Fight Anxiety with Prayer

by Alexa Hess

When I first started struggling with anxiety, I didn’t tell people about it. I pushed it down and hoped it would go away. I also didn’t talk with God about my anxiety. It was easy for me to think that God didn’t understand what I was going through, so I didn’t need to tell Him about it.…

How to Practice Solitude

by Jennie Heideman

Are you experiencing a day, week, or season where you feel like you can barely hear yourself think? Perhaps you have a busy season at work where the demands are relentless. Or, you have little kids at home, and the days blur into nights as you feel like you will never have a moment to yourself again.…

The Father’s Hand

by Kristyn Perez

The other day, I crossed the street with my toddler. My little one is 18 months old and in the dangerous stage of toddlerhood. As I type even now, he’s running around with a bowl over his head, testing the limits of his senses and bumping recklessly into the couch.…

Praising the Pace

by Alexa Hess

Recently, my husband and I were listening to a Tim Keller sermon. During it, Tim said something that hit me hard: “Honor the pace of God in your life.” For those who are reading this, you most likely fall into either one of these two camps.…

Working with Weakness

by Alexa Hess

Weaknesses. We all have them. Our body aches. We make mistakes. We fail. It is easy for us to ridicule ourselves for our weaknesses. We would much rather be strong people who have it all together all the time.…