5 Simple Steps For Sharing Your Faith

In today’s video we are talking about sharing your faith with others. If you want to step into evangelizing more, but feel unsure how to do it, this video is for you! Join us as we break down five simple steps you can take to share your faith, and give an inside look at The Daily Grace Co’s evangelism resource “Sharing Our Faith”.…

How to Defend Christ’s Resurrection 

by Kyra Daniels

Easter recognizes the core belief of Christianity: Jesus’s victory over sin and death. But there are many people who doubt the reality of this event. While on the Lord’s Day, you may see “He is Risen” posts on social media, you may also see posts that call into question Jesus’s resurrection.…

A City for Jesus

by Kyra Riley Daniels

A day does not go by without me encountering the beautiful diversity of New York City. The streets are filled with artists, business professionals, dudes from the block, and college students. When I walk to the grocery store or take the subway, I hear a mix of languages and witness the various skin colors.…