Prayer: Where Do I Start?

by: Tiffany Dickerson

Prayer. What emotion does this word evoke? For some, the spiritual discipline of prayer brings peace, comfort, and joy. For others, prayer causes uncertainty and confusion as we do not fully understand how to practice this spiritual discipline.…

Who Are You Listening To?

by: Alexa Hess

Have you ever played or watched the game where a blindfolded person has to go through an obstacle course? Their partner stands at the finished line and calls out directions to them to try to get them through the course first.…

The Languages of the Church

by Kyra Daniels

Brightly colored saris filled the banquet hall. Ornate jewelry bounced light off the ceiling. Chandeliers hung like celestial bodies in a night’s sky. And flower centerpieces made each table a lush garden. My first attendance at a Pakistani wedding was one of amazement; the lavishness brought me to awe, and the attention to detail impressed me.…

Are You Rested?

By Lindsey Master

It feels as though everyone in the world is tired. We’ve experienced a pandemic, political strife, and protests on top of the pressures that already existed from school, work, and family needs. Stress seems to be the one thing that unites us all.…