Reflecting on God through Journaling

by Kyra Daniels

Pages of reflection lay behind the pink, bedazzled cover of my journal. At the end of the day, I grabbed my journal from under my mattress and wrote about school crushes, future dreams, and secret fears. I thought if another person read its contents, I would have felt so ashamed.…

A Prayer for Christmas

by Alexa Hess

While this prayer can be prayed individually, we encourage you to pray this prayer with a spouse, friend, or together as a family. 

O God, 

As we gather on this Eve of Christmas

anxiously awaiting for tomorrow to dawn,

we stop to consider the purpose of this season

While this holiday boasts of gifts made by hands,

we celebrate the ultimate Gift, Jesus

the best gift we could ever receive 

As we gaze upon the twinkling lights on houses,

or the ones strung upon our tree,

we remember that the Light of the World has come

Although our world is desperately broken— 

tainted by sin, sickness, conflict, and fear—

we rejoice that our Prince of Peace has come 

Almighty God, the birth of Your Son was Your plan

Promised to ancestors past, sustained by Your grace,

fulfilled by Your faithfulness alone

We praise You, we bless You, we glorify You

for giving us Jesus 

The true reason for this season

This world boasts in joy rooted in the perfect home

or the number of presents underneath the tree

We too can find ourselves consumed with these things

Often, we can find that our imagination has been captured

By what the world celebrates and desires this season

O God, humble our hearts

Often we can find ourselves jealous and discontent

Coveting the experiences or possessions of another 

O God, humble our hearts 

Keep us from being swayed by the consumerism of this season

Guard our minds from fixating on worldly gain

Help us focus on the purpose of Christmas

For this season is not about what we gain—

the perfect meal, the perfect house, or the perfect gift

This season is about Jesus 

So as we gather together, awaiting tomorrow’s day

Let us rejoice over the baby born in Bethlehem 

Come, let us adore Him 

He left His throne to dwell with us

Come, let us adore Him

He took on flesh to be like us

Come, let us adore Him

He healed the sick and forgave the sinner

Come, let us adore Him

He offered mercy and grace to those in fear

Come, let us adore Him

He remained sinless and obedient, a perfect spotless lamb

Come, let us adore Him

He took our punishment upon the cross

Come, let us adore Him

He rose again in victory

Come, let us adore Him

His wondrous light has broken through our darkness

Come, let us adore Him

Jesus, may we be humble as you were humble

for you did not come to serve but to be served, 

and did not come to gain but to give away

Jesus, may we love like you love

for you moved toward the broken and the hurting

and cared for those in need 

Help us remember the angels’ song of good news of great joy

Sung thousands of years ago, 

for the song of the gospel is greater than any carols we could sing 

Fill our hearts with this song this Christmas 

May it be on our minds as we awake in the morning

and on our lips throughout the day

Above all that we feel this good news this Christmas, 

May we feel gratitude for the salvation we have received

and joy over our relationship with You 

And when the day is done—

when all the gifts have been unwrapped, and we are tucked into our beds tight—

may we awake the next day with the joy of Christmas still in our hearts

For the message of this season isn’t for a season or for one day alone

The purpose of your coming Jesus, the salvation You would go on to achieve

is a message to remember every day of our lives

But for now, prepare our hearts for Christmas day

Fill us with your love, joy, and peace

Stir our affections for You 

We rejoice that You have come to us 

We rejoice that You will come to us again 


God is Good

by Aubrey Coleman

A firm billed hat lightly dusted with farm debris sat on my grandpa’s desk. The words in bold covered the front of the hat, “GOD IS GOOD” My grandpa wore that hat a handful of times to my memory, and he always accompanied wearing it with a story.…

Embracing the Same Old Thing

by Alexa Hess

Our lives are marked by seasons. Sweet spring turns into sweltering summer. Crisp fall turns into chilly winter. We tend to mark the events in our lives in terms of seasons as well. The abundance of weddings at a particular time of the year is referred to as “wedding season.”…

Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament

by Aubrey Coleman

Originally published on The Daily Grace Co. blog on October 11, 2021

The wonderful story of the Bible—all 66 books—is about creation, fall, redemption, and glory. And the story of Jesus—the One who makes redemption possible–begins in the very first pages of the Bible.…