Creation’s Song

by Alexa Hess

One of my favorite songs is called “Heaven Meets Earth” by All Sons & Daughters. It is a beautiful song about creation and our worshipful response to our Creator. What I also love about this song is that it was inspired by a particular chapter in C.S.…

How to Defend Christ’s Resurrection 

by Kyra Daniels

Easter recognizes the core belief of Christianity: Jesus’s victory over sin and death. But there are many people who doubt the reality of this event. While on the Lord’s Day, you may see “He is Risen” posts on social media, you may also see posts that call into question Jesus’s resurrection.…

Motherhood is Discipleship

by Kristyn Perez

I recently went on a walk with two seven-year-old “mommies.” 

I should probably clarify. I have twin seven-year-old girls, and the other day we went for a walk, but this was no ordinary walk. My girls were dressed to the nines, with glittering purses and fashionable clothes.…

A Faith that Fights

by Alexa Hess

I don’t know about you, but I find that my walk with God can waver at this point of the year. It can be easy to start the new year with a burst of motivation to be faithful to God and consistent in Spiritual disciplines.…