How Jesus Modeled True Friendship

By Aubrey Coleman
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

As Christians, we were created for relationships. Ever since the beginning of creation, God never intended for us to be alone. Jesus, Himself, was surrounded by faithful disciples and friends during the span of His life and ministry on earth.…

The Comparison Game


If theres one thing that this pregnancy has taught me, it’s that I have a terrible habit of comparing myself to others. As my body grows bigger, so does my human nature need for affirmation. With the weekly updates and clickable hashtags, I consistently and begrudgingly find myself comparing my size and lifestyle against women all over the world.…

Ten Million Ways More


One of the worst feelings is knowing that you’ve been sweet talked, tricked into thinking a lie is the truth. Unfortunately for us, there’s no shortage of silver tongues in this world. Even more unfortunately, sometimes our discernment doesn’t seem to be as strong as our gullibility.…

In Friendship, Resist the Discomfort of Receiving


On my first Sunday as a pastors wife, a college girl approached me with a question I had no answer for, and I later berated myself for stumbling and bumbling my way through a response. In my immaturity and inexperience, I believed wholeheartedly that to be a wise woman (and a good pastors wife) was to have all the answers, know how to respond appropriately in every situation, but mostly it was to be a faithful need-meeter at every turn.…

Cling to One Another


I never really had the privilege of a mentor, someone who would walk with me through seasons of doubt and confusion and teach me about the glories of God. Someone who would exhort me to think about Christ better. Someone who would challenge me to stay attentive to the Word of God.…

A Word on Gossip


I’ve found that believers often forget about the preciousness of bearing the image of God. This image is God’s fingerprints all over us. It’s in the ways we behave. It is in the way we interact with one another. It is in our ability to think logically and rationally.…