God's Character

Gently He Leads

by Shelby Turner

I’m a young mom with a house full of little ones. There are smudgy fingerprints on my walls and windows, tiny socks littering the hallways, and stacks of sticky dishes in the sink. My sleep is interrupted and cut short almost every night.…

Are You Angry at God?

by Kyra Riley Daniels

I searched my sermon playlist for a message to listen to during a Saturday morning walk. I selected a teaching from Elisabeth Elliot, a Christian missionary, author, and speaker, expecting to hear words of encouragement to compliment the beautiful and sunny day.…

Two Promises in Our Pain

by Alexa Hess

The other day I was watching one of my favorite TV shows, chuckling at the events that were happening between two characters. One of the characters was in tears because they were going through a breakup. The other character saw their friend’s grief and was extremely uncomfortable.…

God is Good

by Aubrey Coleman

A firm billed hat lightly dusted with farm debris sat on my grandpa’s desk. The words in bold covered the front of the hat, “GOD IS GOOD” My grandpa wore that hat a handful of times to my memory, and he always accompanied wearing it with a story.…

How to Fight the 3 AM Fears

by Kristyn Perez

It’s 3 AM. You can’t sleep again. You glance at the clock, hoping you’ve somehow drowsed off, but nope. It’s only been three minutes. You’re tempted to browse your phone, but know how quickly the minutes turn into hours of wasted scrolling.…

Incline My Heart: Prayers from Psalm 119

by Shelby Turner

When I was young, I often sang a hymn that included these words: “Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light onto my path.” Each time I come across these words in Scripture, my memory is jogged and in my memories, I hear that familiar tune sung by a group of elementary kids in a small Sunday school classroom decorated with colorful pictures of Bible characters.…