The Weary World Rejoices

by Alexa Hess

My husband and I had only been married three weeks when we made our trek across the country to settle in Seattle. We spent two weeks traveling only to discover that our POD full of belongings was delayed when we arrived.…

When Christmas Spirit Isn’t Enough

by Guest Blogger: Hannah Oxley

I used to dream of living in a Hallmark movie — the twinkling lights, the pillow-soft snowdrifts, the endless trails of evergreens that quite literally sparkle beneath the stars. When I watched the movies, it felt like time slowed down for everyone in a way that made the “perfect” Christmas possible. …

Teaching your Kids about the Meaning of Christmas

Too often the real meaning of the holiday season is lost in the commercialism of the time. We get carried away by all the holiday parties and festivities we forget the very simplistic reason we celebrate Christmas at all. The best way to teach children about the real meaning of Christmas while still allowing the magic of the season to flow is to talk to them about what occurred over two thousand years ago.…

A Prayer for Solace in the Midst of Holiday Hustle

by Shelby Turner

Heavenly Father,


Holiday hustle.

Busy, so busy. Parties, shopping, dinners, wrapping

Loud, so loud. In my loneliness, longing, heartbreak

Craving peace, craving quiet, craving You

Help me make space

Slow down

Search out still moments

Help me pause


Quiet the chaos and just be

Instead of bustling about, centering on You

Instead of hustling, hushed and listening

Instead of amassing more, leaning into the real meaning

Remind me what this is all about

Show me where joy abides

Lead me to peace

Give me Your heart for this season

May I be found 

Choosing to focus on those forgotten

Looking for the one alone

Not rushing past the downcast

Instead, showing lavish generosity

May I speak 

Joy to the world

Peace unto men

Promises are kept

Faithfulness is fulfilled

May I believe

You are the Savior

The hope of all mankind

The only hope

For this broken, desperate world

May I remember
Longing for salvation has ceased

God with us, Immanuel, Jesus

He came

Came to love

And forgive

And restore

And bring back

And redeem

And set free

Came to open 

Eyes and ears

Hearts and souls

To truth

Came to show the way

Lead the way

Make a way

To the Father

Jesus came

Jesus is here

Here in my rush.…

The Fall Season and Biblical Harvest

by Kyra Riley Daniels

Autumn is a favorite season for many. The smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla fills a kitchen. The colors of carrots, squash, and green beans are all beautifully arranged on a table. The sound of dried leaves rustling in the wind is like nature’s music.…