How To Series

How to Learn from Those Who Are Ahead

by Alli McDougal

My sweet grandmother went home to be with Jesus last summer. As her health declined, she struggled ever-so-gracefully, in a way that reflected the deepest love for her Savior. One of my favorite photographs of her is a somewhat blurry candid, snapped from the opposite room as she sat in her cozy, light blue chair in front of the window beside her bed.…

5 Tips For Sabbath Rest

Are you feeling burnt out and busy? Do you find it hard to implement true rest into your week? If you answered yes to either of those, this video is for you! In today’s video we are discussing Sabbath rest. We will look at scripture to define what this is, discuss where our true rest is found as believers, and offer five tips you can implement into your life to pursue Sabbath rest.

5 Simple Steps For Sharing Your Faith

In today’s video we are talking about sharing your faith with others. If you want to step into evangelizing more, but feel unsure how to do it, this video is for you! Join us as we break down five simple steps you can take to share your faith, and give an inside look at The Daily Grace Co’s evangelism resource “Sharing Our Faith”.…

Creating A Bible Highlighting System

Have you been wanting to create your own Bible highlighting system? If so, this is the video for you! Join us as we go over ways to choose key themes and topics to focus on in scripture, break down how to use our free highlighting key, and give deeper examples of how to meditate on the Word.…

How to Make Godly Decisions

by Lindsey Master

Walking into the large, formidable building for the first time, I was sure this was where I belonged. My entire life had been leading up to this moment. I spent months studying for the LSAT and years before that studying to earn the best grades to get into the right school so that my real life could begin.…

How to Defend Christ’s Resurrection 

by Kyra Daniels

Easter recognizes the core belief of Christianity: Jesus’s victory over sin and death. But there are many people who doubt the reality of this event. While on the Lord’s Day, you may see “He is Risen” posts on social media, you may also see posts that call into question Jesus’s resurrection.…