In The Word

Cloudy Vision

By Cara Cobble Trantham  
Originally published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 6 

In the year King Uzziah died I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and His train filled the temple.

Isaiah 6:1

In our times of grief and desperation, that is often when we most need a vision of the Lord.…

But Is He Kind?

By Joanna Kimbrel 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

“The Lord is righteous in all His ways.” These words from Psalm 145:17 have often been a comfort to me. A reassuring reminder in the midst of brokenness. I look around and see circumstances that are out of my control, injustice that appears unrighted, and events whose purposes I cannot understand.…

How Do We Study Theology

By Aubrey Coleman 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

Theology, simply put, is what we believe about God. It is the study of who He is and what it leads us to believe about Him. Tim Challies wrote about the importance of developing our theological understanding saying, “When we have great knowledge of God, we can think great thoughts of God.…

Listening to God’s Voice

By Micah Maddox
Guest Contributor 

I tucked the Bible reading plan in the cover of my Bible and went on my way. I’ve done this many times always with the best intentions to complete the enormous goal of getting through the Bible in a certain amount of time. …

Rejoice, Pray, Give Thanks

By Liana Berrus 
Originally Published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 15 

This year has brought a steady stream of trials. My younger brother died very unexpectedly in January, caught in a rip tide while on vacation. Three days after his funeral, I was in the operating room having surgery.…

The Silencing of Tamar

By Aubrey Coleman
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

Through a seminary course reading assignment, I was first introduced to the story of Tamar in 2 Samuel 13. I was surprised that I’d never read or heard of this passage in the Bible.…