In The Word

Asking for Help When the Bible Seems Dry

By Aubrey Coleman 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

Have you ever experienced a season of your life when the Bible felt dry? While in seminary a few years ago, I had some of the most wonderfully brilliant Bible teachers in the world of theology uncovering the beauty of the Scriptures to me daily.…

God With Us

By Joanna Kimbrel
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

In the beginning, God was with us.
He walked with us in the garden.
He dwelt among us.
The uninhibited, unrestrained, unimaginable presence of God with us,
And it was very good. 

The holy Creator delighted in His good creation—
The man and woman called to bear his glorious image.…

A Year in Reflection

By Stefanie Boyles
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.  

The Daily Grace Co. exists to create resources to help followers of Jesus know and love God’s Word. This company provides tools to help you immerse your life in Scripture because we believe the Bible is true, trustworthy, and timeless. We are so grateful for all of you who have invited us to come alongside you in your personal journeys to glorify God in 2019. Whether it was by using the gel highlighters during your time in the Word or hanging a print in your home or doing one of our Bible studies or listening to Daily Grace podcast episodes – thank you for inviting us into your lives. 

While we believe every resource in The Daily Grace Co.…

Preaching the Gospel to Yourself

By Stefanie Boyles
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

I used to think the gospel was just for unbelievers. It was the good news for salvation and not much more. But as I grew in my understanding of Scripture, I realized that, while the gospel certainly does matter for one’s moment of salvation, it also extends to every single aspect of life moving forward. You see, the gospel is for unbelievers and believers alike because the gospel is for sinners. Though we are declared positionally holy because of Christ at the moment of our salvation, that moment also signifies the beginning of our journey of sanctification on this side of eternity.  

But what is sanctification, and why do we need the gospel for it?

Knowing God’s Word from the Inside and Out

By Aubrey Coleman
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.

When I first started walking with Jesus, I remember being so mesmerized by women who could reference scripture without their Bibles. Searching for understanding, I surrounded myself with those who knew God’s Word deeply and let it pour out of their lives. I craved that kind of knowledge of the Bible.…

Take Heart: Full Sun is Coming

By Sarah Morrison
Originally Published in the Be Still Magazine, Issue 6 

Second Peter 1 is an anthem. Peter knows he’s about to be martyred for the cause of Christ, and he’s writing to fellow believers in order to remind them of what they already know: Christ is the sufficient source of all knowledge, and His Word is trustworthy and strongly confirmed. 

The Sea and Her Monsters


I probably don’t need to tell you that the book of Revelation contains a lot dense and (at times) peculiar imagery. It’s frankly a book that a lot of us tend to avoid. We try to chalk it up as an incomprehensible book, words that are impossible to know the meaning of.…

In Friendship, Resist the Discomfort of Receiving


On my first Sunday as a pastors wife, a college girl approached me with a question I had no answer for, and I later berated myself for stumbling and bumbling my way through a response. In my immaturity and inexperience, I believed wholeheartedly that to be a wise woman (and a good pastors wife) was to have all the answers, know how to respond appropriately in every situation, but mostly it was to be a faithful need-meeter at every turn.…