A Prayer for Summer Break

by Tiffany Dickerson

As summer approaches, the desire for a much-needed break from school fills the hearts and minds of kids and parents alike. Saying goodbye to homework, packing lunch, and the inevitable scramble to get out the door in the mornings is a welcome change.…

Motherhood is Discipleship

by Kristyn Perez

I recently went on a walk with two seven-year-old “mommies.” 

I should probably clarify. I have twin seven-year-old girls, and the other day we went for a walk, but this was no ordinary walk. My girls were dressed to the nines, with glittering purses and fashionable clothes.…

5 Midnight Meditations for Motherhood

by Aubrey Coleman 

Motherhood is a journey, a delight, and a challenge all the same. Some days we may feel like we can do it all, and other days we fall flat on our faces. It’s a great privilege and a great responsibility, but we are remiss if we think we can do motherhood on our own. While…

God is Creating in Our Waiting

By Aubrey Coleman 
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

Well into my first pregnancy, I am astounded by the work that is happening inside of me and despite me. Here I am, daily awaiting the arrival of our little girl, and God is hard at work shaping her tiny body, crafting each finger and strand of hair, creating her eye color, her vital organs, and her personality.…

Giving Thanks Through Head Lice

By Pam Sigmon
Guest Contributor 

I can honestly say that I am a mother who has bowed her head to thank God for head lice. Of course, that was not my first inclination. In fact, it was more like I lifted my head up to complain to God about head lice. But God,…