A Mother’s Hope

By Melissa Dennis 
Originally published in Be Still Magazine, issue 11 

I’ve done things in my short life thus far that seemed at one point to be the most significant landmarks—even highlights due to the event’s noteworthiness. Running the Great Wall of China marveling at God’s power and glory, laying my head to rest on a concrete floor in India with a room full of orphans.…

Holding them Close and Letting them Go

By Rachel Kang 
Originally published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 9. 

You bring the baby home, snuggle her tight, and wrap her warm. You nestle your nose into her neck, over her forehead, across her cheek. She wiggles and squirms, breathes a faint and innocent sigh, all the while your insides melt and, altogether, you come undone.

In my Darkest Hour


By Ashley Price
Guest Contributor

It was two weeks after welcoming our sweet baby into the world that I began crying out of the blue while snuggling him all curled up on my chest. I thought maybe I had a touch of baby blues and blamed it on all the hormone changes and being overtired.…

My Best is not Enough


Avoiding a meltdown at any given moment in any given place.

Waiting for an hour while toddler causally eats breakfast. lunch. and dinner. (I thought I ate slow!)

A tantrum in the middle of a store or restaurant.

A curt remark to my toddler after she asks for a snack for the hundred millionth time within 20 minutes.…