Your Legacy Starts Now

By Stefanie Boyles
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

Before the start of a new year, I take some time to reflect on the previous year. What were highlights from each month? How do I feel each area of my life is doing, like my relationships and personal health and spiritual growth? What lessons have I learned?…

Seeds of the Heart

By Catherine Fitzgerald  
Originally Published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 13 

I went over my usual list of expectations as we sat down at the picnic tables under the park shelter. Play nicely. Stay where I can see you. Don’t leave this area. Expecting everyone to scatter in different directions immediately, I turned toward the moms I was with as my littlest suddenly chimed in, “And look for the kids with their heads down, right mommy?…

Reading the Bible When Your Kids are Little

By Kristyn Perez
Lamp and Light Leader for The Daily Grace Co. 

I was recently talking to a mom of little ones who was feeling guilty that she wasn’t spending more time in the Word. She gets up three to five times a night with her young kids and can’t seem to get out of bed in the mornings before they wake up.…

Nothing to Prove

By Stefanie Boyles
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

During my first pregnancy, I was blissfully ignorant. I was a new nurse in a competitive nurse residency program. I studied cardiac rhythms instead of poring over parenting books. Our immediate friends didn’t have kids, so the topics of our conversations were more often good books and under appreciated hole-in-the-wall restaurants, not the million and one choices involved in parenthood. …

Crying Over Spilled Milk

By Kristyn Perez 
Lamp and Light Leader for The Daily Grace Co. 

They say not to cry over spilled milk, but I have.  

When my kids were little, there were expert mess-makers. As soon as I cleaned up a bin of toys, they’d pour them out.…

A Mother’s Hope

By Melissa Dennis 
Originally published in Be Still Magazine, issue 11 

I’ve done things in my short life thus far that seemed at one point to be the most significant landmarks—even highlights due to the event’s noteworthiness. Running the Great Wall of China marveling at God’s power and glory, laying my head to rest on a concrete floor in India with a room full of orphans.…