Prayers that God will Always Hear

By Sarah Morrison
Staff writer for The Daily Grace Co.

Prayer is one of the most deceptively difficult tenants of our faith. In the same moment that we bow our heads in silent prayer, erroneous thoughts flood in and distract. Likewise, though the Lord’s posture is always readied to receive prayers, we frequently find ourselves out of time or effort at the end of the day.…

Abolishing the Passivity of Greeting


By Sarah Morrison
Staff writer for The Daily Grace Co.

Greetings, salutations, concluding remarks— these are all things so easy to look over and ignore. They aren’t the “meat” of the content given. They are simply humble annotations; in our minds they’re explanatory at best and frivolous at worst.…

In Friendship, Resist the Discomfort of Receiving


On my first Sunday as a pastors wife, a college girl approached me with a question I had no answer for, and I later berated myself for stumbling and bumbling my way through a response. In my immaturity and inexperience, I believed wholeheartedly that to be a wise woman (and a good pastors wife) was to have all the answers, know how to respond appropriately in every situation, but mostly it was to be a faithful need-meeter at every turn.…

More than just a nice girl


I was always conscious about what people thought of me. Sometimes (a lot of the times) I was guilty of trying to live up to peoples’ expectations of how I should be or act. A friend sparked something in my heart one day when she said, “I think you’re growing out of being a nice girl and really stepping into who God has called you to be.”

Many times, I have been labeled as the nice girl, someone who does no wrong and is always happy.…

Shifting Our Gaze of Thankfulness

Thanksgiving. You can hear the leaves crunching beneath your feet at the very mention of the name, can’t you? Maybe smell the fragrance of cranberry sauce, feel the crispness of the autumnal air as it tickles your cheeks? There’s so much in the name of “Thanksgiving.”


Even so, I’m sure a companion to all these cozy thoughts are also considerations of cleaning the house for guests, babysitting the turkey to ensure it isn’t burning, sitting through unpleasant political conversations with distant relatives.…

Waiting with Wonder

What do you feel like you are waiting for right now?

A friend of mine asked me this question earlier this morning and it took me hours to respond.

There are many things I am waiting for answered prayers about: things like spiritual redemption in my family and job decisions for the future and finances to expand our house and timing for when to have another baby.…