Why Read the Psalms?

by: Katie Davidson

 “The most valuable thing the Psalms do for me is to express that same delight in God which made David dance.”

Reflections on the Psalms | C. S. Lewis 

This quote from C. S. Lewis stops me in my tracks each time I read it.…

Learning to Lament

by: Alexa Hess

News headlines flash images of war. Your phone buzzes with a text about a sudden death in your family or community. You pull up social media and are met with the latest tragedy—another shooting. The hand of grief grips your heart and tears flood your eyes.…

Prayer: Where Do I Start?

by: Tiffany Dickerson

Prayer. What emotion does this word evoke? For some, the spiritual discipline of prayer brings peace, comfort, and joy. For others, prayer causes uncertainty and confusion as we do not fully understand how to practice this spiritual discipline.…

A Prayer for Your Graduate

by Lindsey Master

I attended my child’s first graduation ceremony this year. Granted, it was only a pre-K graduation, but it made me more emotional than I expected. The preschool season is now over for my oldest child, and he is ready to step into a new world of elementary school on his own.…

How to Fight Distraction in Prayer

by Katie Davidson

My mind moves at a cheetah’s pace most days. To-do lists, meal prepping, mama duties, meetings, current events, projects at work, and church commitments fight for real estate in my thought life. Distractions during prayer time can sometimes feel like an early 2000’s internet browser with pop-up after pop up.…