How to Fight Distraction in Prayer

by Katie Davidson

My mind moves at a cheetah’s pace most days. To-do lists, meal prepping, mama duties, meetings, current events, projects at work, and church commitments fight for real estate in my thought life. Distractions during prayer time can sometimes feel like an early 2000’s internet browser with pop-up after pop up.…

A Prayer for Summer Break

by Tiffany Dickerson

As summer approaches, the desire for a much-needed break from school fills the hearts and minds of kids and parents alike. Saying goodbye to homework, packing lunch, and the inevitable scramble to get out the door in the mornings is a welcome change.…

How to Make Godly Decisions

by Lindsey Master

Walking into the large, formidable building for the first time, I was sure this was where I belonged. My entire life had been leading up to this moment. I spent months studying for the LSAT and years before that studying to earn the best grades to get into the right school so that my real life could begin.…