A Prayer for Hard Days

By Joanna Kimbrel
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

It’s been a hard day. 
I’m frustrated. I’m discouraged.
My patience is running out.
God, I’m tired.
I want nothing more than to crawl into bed and forget this day ever happened. …

Sometimes the Answer is No


By Michelle Imbeau
Guest Contributor

My husband was diagnosed with cancer at age 24. We have three children, the youngest of which was 6 months old at the time. Regardless of the nature of the cancer and the curability rates presented by your oncology team, you hear the word “cancer” and your mind immediately goes to death.…

Wait on the Lord


Waiting is such a loose term these days. We throw it around as though it’s something we are very familiar with, but are we? Do we really know what it means to wait? We can cook meals instantly in the microwave or go through a drive-thru for the fastest meals we could ask for.…

Let us Pray


I can’t remember the first time that I thought about prayer.

I think for me it became a thing that-for a while-it was just a “you do it because you have to” type thing. We said the blessing before meals, we bowed our heads in church when the preacher told us to, and then my parents and I would pray now I lay me down to sleep before bed each night.…

With You


I don’t like heights.

At all.

If I’m at high altitudes and I happen to do what everyone knows you’re not supposed to do when high up—look down—I get dizzy and a knot forms in my stomach. And if I don’t get calm and reoriented quick, that knot tightens and threatens to squeeze any contents out of my stomach.…