In Pursuit Of Comfort

By Katie Davidson

I remember catching myself mid-checkout on Amazon. I was seven months pregnant with my son, and this Amazon cart was filled with everything we didn’t receive at our baby shower. I stared at the long list of swaddles, bottles, sleep sacs, and books, desperately hoping that these items would comfort my new-mom fears.…

How to Learn from Those Who Are Ahead

by Alli McDougal

My sweet grandmother went home to be with Jesus last summer. As her health declined, she struggled ever-so-gracefully, in a way that reflected the deepest love for her Savior. One of my favorite photographs of her is a somewhat blurry candid, snapped from the opposite room as she sat in her cozy, light blue chair in front of the window beside her bed.…

How to be Grateful in Every Season

by Tiffany Dickerson

When you think of the word “gratitude,” who comes to mind? We can all think of those people who radiate gratitude with a genuine heart. They are not fake, and they do not claim a trouble-free existence. They simply take whatever they are going through and remind others of God’s goodness through the good and the bad seasons.…

Reflecting on God through Journaling

by Kyra Daniels

Pages of reflection lay behind the pink, bedazzled cover of my journal. At the end of the day, I grabbed my journal from under my mattress and wrote about school crushes, future dreams, and secret fears. I thought if another person read its contents, I would have felt so ashamed.…

Are You Angry at God?

by Kyra Riley Daniels

I searched my sermon playlist for a message to listen to during a Saturday morning walk. I selected a teaching from Elisabeth Elliot, a Christian missionary, author, and speaker, expecting to hear words of encouragement to compliment the beautiful and sunny day.…