Spiritual Discipline

A Prayer for Independence Day

by Jennie Heideman

Today is Independence Day in America. For those of you living outside the United States and unfamiliar with this holiday, Independence Day is when Americans commemorate the Continental Congress’s declaration that the thirteen American colonies would be separating from Great Britain.…

Are You Rested?

By Lindsey Master

It feels as though everyone in the world is tired. We’ve experienced a pandemic, political strife, and protests on top of the pressures that already existed from school, work, and family needs. Stress seems to be the one thing that unites us all.…

A Summer of Stillness

By Alexa Hess

Growing up on the coast, I was used to spending my summers at the ocean. My family and I would sometimes spend hours soaking up the sun and playing in the sea. After being tuckered out from treading the waves, I would lay down in the sand and close my eyes.…

How to Learn from Those Who Are Ahead

by Alli McDougal

My sweet grandmother went home to be with Jesus last summer. As her health declined, she struggled ever-so-gracefully, in a way that reflected the deepest love for her Savior. One of my favorite photographs of her is a somewhat blurry candid, snapped from the opposite room as she sat in her cozy, light blue chair in front of the window beside her bed.…

How to Fight Distraction in Prayer

by Katie Davidson

My mind moves at a cheetah’s pace most days. To-do lists, meal prepping, mama duties, meetings, current events, projects at work, and church commitments fight for real estate in my thought life. Distractions during prayer time can sometimes feel like an early 2000’s internet browser with pop-up after pop up.…

Discipleship That Runs Deep

by Krystal Dickson

We all desire to grow spiritually and deepen our relationship with the Lord. The word that is often attached to spiritual growth is discipleship. Many books, programs, and small groups in churches today have “discipleship” somewhere in its title.…