Learning to Lament

by: Alexa Hess

News headlines flash images of war. Your phone buzzes with a text about a sudden death in your family or community. You pull up social media and are met with the latest tragedy—another shooting. The hand of grief grips your heart and tears flood your eyes.…

In Pursuit Of Comfort

By Katie Davidson

I remember catching myself mid-checkout on Amazon. I was seven months pregnant with my son, and this Amazon cart was filled with everything we didn’t receive at our baby shower. I stared at the long list of swaddles, bottles, sleep sacs, and books, desperately hoping that these items would comfort my new-mom fears.…

A Home with God

by Kyra Daniels

Piles of rubble. Broken telephone poles. Scattered clothing. The pictures of Mayfield, KY after its tornado disaster in December of 2021 were devastating. Buildings that were beautifully designed and sturdy stood with missing roofs and shattered windows. Rows of houses laid flat.…