Reconciling God's Goodness With Our Suffering


By Brittany Allen
Originally Published in Be Still Magazine, issue 8.

I’ll never forget it.

I can never unsee it, and I can never unfeel it.

The pain of watching the ultrasound tech search for that once obvious baby while contractions pulsed and tears filled my eyes was one of the most excruciating things I’ve experienced both physically and emotionally.…

The Wrong Way to Read Romans 8:28


Something frustrating, confusing, unthinkable happened. Something that turned my stomach inside out. Something that burdened me like an elephant resting on each shoulder. At the news, the number one thing I heard over and over and over was: “Everything happens for a reason.”

I grew more and more disheartened with each time someone relayed to me that phrase.…

For a Little While


I was recently in the Boston area visiting friends. We walked a lot, seeing sights and natural wonders. We walked to see the sight of the Boston Massacre. We walked along jetties in the middle of Gloucester’s bay. We walked along the shoreline, getting our feet wet in low tide. …

His Way Is Perfect


After weeks of anticipation, I was excited about August 17, 2016 because it was the day of our scheduled ultrasound to see our third little baby! I was so excited that I wanted my husband and our two older children, to be there to witness the spectacular moment of seeing the baby on the screen and hearing the heartbeat. …

A Hope That's Tangible


My husband and I hunkered down in front of the television last night, watching the premiere of “America’s Got Talent.” It seems to me that most people loved the unlikely stories—the people who have waited their entire lives for their dreams to come true, singing in subways stations or performing on street corners between red-light cycles.…

We Get Richer From Our Aching


I was once given the advice of “steward your disappointments.” I thought that I understood it then, but I more certainly understand it now. I don’t have to talk about my own sufferings or disappointments in order to convey to you the weightiness and distress that comes alongside difficulty.…