How Vulnerability Enhances Our Gospel Witness

by Helen Hummel

I feel the pressure. Perhaps you feel it, too. It manifests in the amount of time I spend carefully curating my Instagram profile, in the clothes I buy, and in the daily decisions I make. It manifests in the way I interact with certain friends and the details I might choose to share (or exclude) from any given conversation.…

Unashamedly Authentic: Expressing our Shortcomings

by Alexa Hess

Recently, I was listening to a podcast with one of my favorite writers as the guest. During the podcast, this writer shared his experience dealing with social anxiety. A wave of relief washed over me in hearing that this writer I appreciate and admire so much deals with the same anxiety I often experience.…

God’s Promises for Those Who Feel Weak

by Shelby Turner 

Recently, several people close to me have gone through devastating circumstances. From the loss of a beloved family member to reliving the pain of their past to the debilitating disappointment that comes from dashed hopes, these friends have felt crushed by life’s crashing waves.…

When Dreams Fall Apart

by Kyra Riley Daniels

We all have dreams to which we aspire. Echoing our original design as God’s image-bearers, dreams present a picture of us flourishing. However, since we are fallen, we often desire the wrong things for ourselves, and we sometimes worship these over the Lord.…

How to Overcome Insecurities

by Alli Turner (staff editor) 

Insecurity. It’s a topic that seems to plague nearly every facet of society. It’s evidenced in the many books published to help us find our confidence, figure out who we are, become that self-assured leader or spouse or parent or friend.…