Why Read the Psalms?

by: Katie Davidson

 “The most valuable thing the Psalms do for me is to express that same delight in God which made David dance.”

Reflections on the Psalms | C. S. Lewis 

This quote from C. S. Lewis stops me in my tracks each time I read it.…

Creation’s Song

by Alexa Hess

One of my favorite songs is called “Heaven Meets Earth” by All Sons & Daughters. It is a beautiful song about creation and our worshipful response to our Creator. What I also love about this song is that it was inspired by a particular chapter in C.S.…

Overcoming in Christ

by Kyra Daniels

My favorite a cappella group in college was Shades of Yale. The mission of Shades was to celebrate the music of the African diaspora and African American tradition. Whenever they had a concert, students of all backgrounds would flock to the Afro-American Cultural Center to hear their powerful vocals.…