Grace Upon Grace


Today is the launch day for Grace Upon Grace which is a study on the book of James and my newest devotional. Each study that I write is so personal and such a sweet reminder of all that God has taught me. The devotionals come directly from my personal journals and quiet time with the Lord and it is really my way of sitting down for coffee with thousands of women, and just telling you what the Lord is doing in my heart, and teaching me through His Word.

I am constantly amazed at how God speaks through His Word, and how He meets us right where we are and gives us just what we need as we study Scripture. The book of James did just that for me, and it is my prayer that this study will meet you right where you are and bring you closer to Him.

The study of James is about so many things. It touches so many areas of our hearts and lives. It is about living out the Christian life day to day. Living a life of faith. It is about trials, and wisdom, and our speech, and faith, and about His amazing Grace Upon Grace for every time we fail and every step of this journey. It is about learning who Jesus is, and being transformed to be more like Him. It is for someone new to studying the Bible, or someone who has been studying Scripture for decades.

I would love for you to join me in studying the book of James. Do it on your own, or grab a few friends and form a group to Study God’s Word together and encourage each other.