A Prayer for the Anxious

by Alexa Hess


I am anxious. 

My head is rushing with thoughts that I cannot silence.

My heart is beating like a drum that will not cease.

There is a weight pressing upon me that I cannot lift. 

Help me. 

“What ifs” plague my mind.…

Does God Want Me to be Happy?

by Jensen Walter

“I think, more than anything, God wants me to be happy.” My friend’s words coming through the phone sent a pain straight into the core of my heart. She had left everything: her husband, her church, her seemingly wonderful life, to pursue a relationship and a life that was not cohesive with the righteousness to which God had called her.…

Reflections on Gentle and Lowly: Exploring the Abundance of God’s Mercy

by Jennie Heideman 

Do you find it easy to forgive? Or do you struggle to forgive others when they hurt you or a loved one?  

I wish forgiveness came easy to me. But, I really struggle to forgive. 

When someone wrongs me, I make it very clear that they have hurt me and then come up with a mental checklist of things they need to do to be forgiven.  

However, this is not how God is. God’s forgiveness is abundant. And more than that, Jesus is actually drawn to people who sin against Him.…

God’s Promises for Those Who Feel Weak

by Shelby Turner 

Recently, several people close to me have gone through devastating circumstances. From the loss of a beloved family member to reliving the pain of their past to the debilitating disappointment that comes from dashed hopes, these friends have felt crushed by life’s crashing waves.…