Identity Rooted in Christ Alone

By Madyson Mahler 
Originally Published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 2 

i·den·ti·ty / noun: identity;
the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.  

There’s a lot of hearts down here on this earth walking around confused. A lot of girls and women and boys and men searching for who they are and what they were made for.…

A Life of Worship

By Megan Andzulis 
Originally published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 1 

I am so thankful for the husband God has given me! I remember a time in college when we were dating, and he started to do a little “heart examining”. Being that we were both in a Christian school studying music, the Lord had directed him to study God’s Word to find out what was required of us in how we worshipped Him.…

Don’t be Stingy with Encouragement

By Aubrey Coleman
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co. 

There is a great deal of the world around us that offers discouragement with ease. This should not surprise us because Jesus told us that in this world we will have trouble. But even amongst Christians, we can discourage one another by gossiping, being judgmental, unfairly critiquing, speaking unkindly, or being unloving towards one another.…

Wait on the Lord

By Mia Smith 
Originally Published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 3  

Waiting is such a loose term these days. We throw it around as though it’s something we are very familiar with, but are we? Do we really know what it means to wait?…

Gospel Fluency, not Over Spiritualization

By Stefanie Boyles
Staff Writer for The Daily Grace Co.  

I was jogging on our dusty treadmill the other day. It had accumulated dust because it’s in our garage, and it hadn’t been used for months aside from being a flat surface for a tower of boxes. But alas, I decided to finally take 20 minutes that random day to exercise. It was nearing the end of January, so I didn’t feel the motivation that naturally comes with the turn of a new year.…

Motherhood and Our Identity in Christ

By Elizabeth Berry
Originally Published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 15 

I have hesitated every single time I have posted something about this pregnancy. I know many want to share our joy, but I’m also very aware that my pictures and posts could cause someone more pain.…

The Grace in Muddled Days

By Melissa Dennis 
Originally Published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 4 

God’s sufficiency is the constant rhythm beating in our lives as believers, yet for some reason we get so stuck in the muddled days that we can’t lift our gaze out of the mire to see the glory we were made for.…

When Life Puts You on Pause

By Trudy Samsill
Originally Published in Be Still Magazine, Issue 15 

Have you ever found yourself watching a movie and something happens that forces you to need to press the pause button? The phone rings, someone needs a bathroom break or a snack refill.…